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Holiday Health Check

Holiday Health Check

At Greenhous, we're offering a holiday health check for just £49.99.

Hot weather and holidays means more long journeys for you and your car. That's why it's a good idea to check your car is in tip-top condition before setting out on your holidays.

The Holiday Health Check service will be carried out by a fully qualified trained technician and consists of:


25-Point Visual Health Check

25-Point Visual Health Check
Visual inspection of your vehicle to ensure it is operating at peak efficiency.

Pollen Filter Inspection

Pollen Filter Inspection*
(subject to manufacturer)
A dirty or clogged pollen filter can cause musty odours in the vehicle.

Aircon Refresh

Aircon Disinfectant
The Aircon disinfectant eliminates harmful bacteria and bad odours from the air conditioning system.


Wash and Vac

Aircon Refresh
The Aircon refresh adds a pleasant fragrance into the Aircon system to keep it smelling fresh.

Unlimited Puncture Repairs

Unlimited Puncture Repairs**
(subject to manufacturer)
We'll repair all your punctures for 12 months.

Aircon Disinfectant

Wash and Vac
We’ll wash and vacuum your car.

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The current online RRP for this level of cover for 12 months is £114.99.

Roadside Rescue

24/7 breakdown cover. We'll fix your vehicle at the roadside, as long as you're over 1/4 mile away from home. Includes a tow to a Greenhous garage or a place of safety if your car cannot be fixed at the roadside.


We'll take you, up to 7 passengers and your car to a Greenhous garage from anywhere in mainland UK.

At Home Rescue

We'll attend if your car breaks down at home, or within 1/4 mile of your house. You can even book a time for us to come and fix your car.

Onward Travel
(Includes Courtesy Car)

Enhance your options in the event of a breakdown. We will provide a courtesy car, hotel accommodation or alternative transport for you and up to 7 passengers.

Only available with Recovery


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*Subject to manufacturer.

**Does not include specialist tyre repairs. Excludes all Renault, Dacia and Volvo vehicles.