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Volvo Air Conditioning Offer

Volvo Air Conditioning Offer
Air Con Service

From just £59*

In order to keep your car air conditioning system running efficiently it is recommended that you get the system recharged every two years with gas and lubricant. This is known as an air conditioning service.

Air pressure can drop resulting in a loss of cooling efficiency which can make your car engine work harder and therefore you use more fuel.

Air Con Service from just


What's involved?

The Air Con Service will include the removal of the old refrigerant gas, dye and lubricant. One of our trained technicians will then clean the system and remove any moisture. Once that has been completed, new oil, dye and refrigerant gas will be added and we will then take a temperature reading to ensure that the service has made improvements to the cold air temperature.


Clean-air thinking

With its keen focus on health and wellbeing, CleanZone is a perfect example of our human-centric approach. An approach that’s perfectly in sync with modern sensibilities and today’s increasing demand for quality. From our quality of life to the quality of the air that we breathe.

(*Please note this offer is only available for R134A GAS VEHICLES and does not include vehicles fitted with the latest gas. For more information and to find out if your vehicle qualifies for this offer please contact us)

To book your vehicle in for an Air Con Service, enquire below or call:

Shrewsbury - 01743 454 060 to speak to a Greenhous Volvo Service Advisor.


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