Hire Purchase product for business car and commercial vehicle customers who are interested in ownership.

A balloon option is also available for Commercial Vehicle customers.

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Vehicle Eligibility

New and Used vehicles. Age limits apply.

Features & Benefits

  • Fixed monthly payments to suit your business needs
  • A choice of repayment periods and deposit levels
  • At the end of the agreement, assuming all payments (including the Purchase Fee) have been made, your business owns the vehicle
  • As owners of the vehicle, your business retains any profit from the sale of the vehicle
  • Writing down allowances may be available
  • Includes ford Fleet Accident Management which reduces the time that drivers and vehicles are off the road – for more details visit Accident Management

How It Works

Your fixed monthly payment will depend on the following:

  • Agreement length – choose from 24 to 60 months (Maximum 48 months if you have chosen the Balloon option for Commercial Vehicles.
  • The amount of the deposit you wish to pay
  • The Ford vehicle you want to drive
  • Balloon option for Commercial Vehicle customers only. If you have chosen Ford Acquire with Balloon your monthly payment will be lower.

Your business may benefit from any profit from the sale of the vehicle and writing down allowances

At The End

Your business owns the car at the end of the agreement assuming all payments plus the purchase fee have been made.