FordPass & FordPass Connect

FordPass App

Discover a whole new way to connect to your vehicle:

With FordPass lets you connect to your vehicle like never before, use it too:

  • Guides - Ford Guides gives useful how to's and helps the user identify warning lights and their meanings
  • Fuel - Check your vehicles fuel level and find nearby fuel stations on route (sending locations directly to your vehicles navigation system)
  • Parking -Find parking and place a pin so you always return to your vehicle
  • Monitor - monitor your vehicles levels on your smart device.
  • Health Alerts - Get vehicle health alerts sent straight to your smart device.
  • Lock/Unlock Remotely - Have the ability to lock and unlock your vehicle remotely for piece of mind.
  • Remote Start - Start your vehicle remotely allowing your to heat or cool your vehicle before your journey
  • Ford Credit - Manage your Ford Credit account
  • Ford Pay - Pay for servicing and repairs straight from her phone.
  • Traffic Alerts - Traffic alerts get sent straight to your phone helping you make informed choices on route selection
  • Perks - Earn rewards has you use the app.

FordPass Connect

Gives you even more power in the palm of your hand, lets you connect to your vehicle like never before.

  • WiFi Hot-spot - Connect up to 10 devices to super fast 4G LTE using the vehicles embedded modem (all through the vehicles embedded modem), there is no need to use your valuable mobile data you can use the vehicles (all vehicles with this feature come with 3GB complimentary data which can then be topped up through Vodafone)
  • Instant Traffic Information - Receive traffic information as it happens directly to your vehicles navigation system.
  • eCall - Launching on the All-New Focus is the eCall service. Should the vehicle be involved in a serious road traffic accident the system will locate the vehicle try and communicate with the occupants and if this is not successful it will then call the emergency services and give them your exact location. You can also use the SOS button to report an accident or you require emergency services.

Here are some great short videos to help you setup and get the most out of these great new features:

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FordPass and FordPass Connect helpful guides and features