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  • Vauxhall Fleet girls support Movember

    Vauxhall Fleet girls support Movember

    Not to be left out the girls at Greenhous Vauxhall Fleet have come out in support of the Movember campaign and have been steadily grooming their taches to provide this splendid display. Well done, girls!

  • The hairy Nissan Shrewsbury team!

    The hairy Nissan Shrewsbury team!

    Supporting Movember has been a lot of fun for those taking the mickey out of the boys growing their taches, but they have persevered and the results are a fine selection of hairy upper lips.

  • Hybrid: 8 Simple Truths

    Driving a Toyota hybrid is simple and hassle-free. It’s about effective, easy-to-use technology that’s ready to go whenever you are. It’s also about a way of driving that takes the stress out of your journey. A way that more than six million drivers around the world are already enjoying the benefits of.

  • Protecting us all

    Protecting us all

    Have you ever wondered where your finger plasters come from? Or that defibrillator on the wall at work? Who provides those protective coveralls workers wear to avoid contamination in high risk environments?

  • Taxi firm takes on its first Dacia

    Taxi firm takes on its first Dacia

    If you have 27 years of experience in taxi and executive travel you probably know a thing or two about cars, especially those that suit continual use and hence build up large mileage levels. Robbie Bruce is the director of Bruce's Executive Travel and the popular Shropshire taxi firm, Access Cars Ltd. Robbie employs drivers from within Shropshire, with local knowledge and a friendly nature, and is delighted with the feedback he gets from customers using his taxi service.

  • Renault at Screwfix

    Renault at Screwfix

    Greenhous Renault displayed their commercial vehicles at the Screwfix dealership on the Barttlefield Enterprise Park in Shrewsbury.

  • Children in Need

    Children in Need

    Getting into the spirit of fun and fund-raising are some of the staff at Vincent House. This lot arrived by various means of transport but the Batmobile is taking up too much space in the car park!

  • The Nissan Mo Bros!

    The Nissan Mo Bros!

    Day 13 and the hairy lips are getting more prominent (well for some anyway!) Please help the cause by donating to Movember through these guys. Over £300 raised so far! Visit :

  • Titan - construction on a large scale

    Titan - construction on a large scale

    Have you ever wondered what “Plant Hire” actually means? Well it can mean the leasing of immense machines which handle the largest of engineering projects. Titan Plant Hire in Bilston are a part of the Gill Group of companies. They specialise in supplying logistical support for all of the group, especially the large scale projects carried out by the Gill Civil Engineering arm. This includes laying vast areas of concrete at airports and marine ports around the country. And transporting staff to and from project destinations.

  • Mrs Jackie Loveridge – A community champion

    Mrs Jackie Loveridge – A community champion

    Some people dedicate their time and efforts into becoming a councillor with the intention of “making a difference“ for the people in their constituency. Jackie Loveridge is one such person and she has been the Chairperson of Stirchley and Brookside Council for the past five years and a Borough councillor for the ward of Brookside for the past three and a half years.

  • Keeping fire safety as a priority

    Keeping fire safety as a priority

    The supply of vans and light commercial vehicles is an important part of the Greenhous Group operation as most of its brands have versions in their portfolios. Greenhous Vauxhall in Telford are providing the latest Vivaro van to customers. The Vauxhall Vivaro continues to set the standard for the medium van category. With established technology and a ground-breaking range of highly economical engines. It has impressive performance and style, with the kind of features that take the tough graft out of everyday working life, its good looks and versatility enhances any business.

  • Toyota at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

    Toyota at the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce

    The Greenhous Group are members of the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, a collaborative business community which serves to support other businesses in Shropshire. The Chamber showcase local businesses through their Business Expo events and the latest was held at Shrewsbury Town Football Club on Tuesday.

  • Nissan electric Police vehicles!

    Nissan electric Police vehicles!

    Two Nissan LEAF cars and a Nissan e-NV200 van are to be used by neighbourhood policing officers in Surrey and Sussex as part of a trial to see their effectiveness in supporting local policing.

  • SECAL Logistics Ltd - a DAF partner

    SECAL Logistics Ltd - a DAF partner

    Greenhous DAF partner with a multitude of different sized organisations that require the purchase or leasing of their DAF trucks. However large or small the company the sales team at Greenhous DAF develop a positive working relationship that lasts and often grows with the operator’s business.

  • Bonfire and fireworks a spectacular success

    Bonfire and fireworks a spectacular success

    The annual bonfire and fireworks display at the Greenhous West Mid Showground on Saturday was a massive success as thousands of adults and children attended the event at the town’s prestigious community arena.

  • Greenhous sponsorship of the West Mid Showground

    Greenhous sponsorship of the West Mid Showground

    With the recent news of local automotive company Greenhous taking on the sponsorship of the West Mid Showground in Shrewsbury, the signs are now well and truly evident as the new promotional signage for the showground has been installed.