Staff at the Greenhous Fleet Services at Festival Park in Stoke on Trent have been getting all colourful in support of the Annual Douglas Macmillan Hospice Bring a Pound Day. By bringing in a pound and wearing something colourful the staff have entered into the spirit of fund raising and every pound helps support the work of the hospice. This fund-raising idea has generated in the area more than £272,000 for the charity since it was first staged in 2010.

Local businesses, schools and individuals are invited to generate ideas for raising funds.Speaking on behalf of the staff, Kerry Swift, who is a Fleet Sales Administrator, said: "Over at Greenhous Fleet we are all in the fund raising spirit. We all decided to come to work in something bright, but as you can see we are all very much on the same wave length as by complete coincidence most of the office turned up in either the orange or pink. It helps team spirit and we all like to support good causes.

Pictured are the colourful team at Festival Park.