​A token bigger than the Olympic relay torch was delivered to Shrewsbury & District Branch of The Royal Air Forces Association (RAFA) on Saturday the 28th of July 2018. The Token is part of the Wales, Midland and Southwestern Area 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force Project entitled “Building the Royal Air Force and Buying 2 WWII Spitfires”. This token is one of three being relayed around 85 RAFA branches and local RAF units in the three areas.

Greenhous were delighted to receive a visit from Wing Commander Paul Sharp (Chairman of the Shrewsbury & District Branch of RAFA) with the token at the Greenhous Village which occupies the site of the former RAF station at High Ercall. Paul is pictured with his son, Wayne, who is a security officer at the Greenhous Village.

The tokens started their journey in Gloucester at the RAFA Area Conference on 25 March, travelling through their areas, covering hundreds of miles, they will finally be brought back together at the Birmingham Military Tattoo on the 24th November 2018. At the Tattoo they will be put together using a scale Spitfire model as the focal point.

During the tour of the tokens around the Area’s Branches the Association are attempting to raise funds towards the purchase of 2 Spitfires at WWII prices of £5K each; which would again be represented by the Spitfire at the Military Tattoo.  Any funds raised will be added to the Annual RAFA Wings Appeal total.

Each token commemorates a different aspect of the formation of the RAF. The token brought to High Ercall represents the Royal Flying Corps.  Wales Area will carry the token representing the Royal Naval Air Service.  The South Western Area will carry the token representing Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Lord Trenchard (who was known as the father of the RAF).

Greenhous has more significant history with the RAF as Patrick Greenhous a family member and former owner of the company from 1960 to 2002, joined the RAF in 1937 and was shot down over Europe in 1940 being consigned to a German Prisoner of War camp for the remainder of the War.