​After a long and successful career in management accountancy, Stewart Brown is literally putting on his boots and picking up his trowel to engage on the next phase of his career as an archaeologist! A long held passion for anthropology and the discovery of historical artefacts at archaeological digs has led Stewart to taking up a post graduate diploma in archaeology at UCL this September.

Stewart lives in Kent and is the Group Accounting Manager with the Greenhous Group. He joined Greenhous in June 2013 initially to train staff on using Kerridge – the Groups preferred DMS – and subsequently on numerous other projects within the Group including a short stint at Smart Fleet Solutions.

Stewart’s interest in archaeology stretches back to his childhood on a farm in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) where there were caves which had walls adorned with prehistoric bushman paintings.

10 years ago his wife bought him a week end ‘field-walking’ course with the Kent Archaeological Field School and ever since has continued to develop his practical skills and knowledge on various archaeological digs in Kent.

After 3 seasons spent at Pompeii in Italy, Stewart has been encouraged by the professionals he has worked with to gain an academic qualification which will enhance his expertise in the world of archaeology. So, far from hanging up his boots, he is going to take on the life of a student once again at UCL. He is, in his spare time, currently working on a Roman villa site at Teston in Kent on the banks of the River Medway.

As if these new challenges are not enough Stewart continues to work part time for the Group.