​Business as usual at Adams Morey after takeover by the Greenhous Group Limited.​

​The Greenhous Group Limited are delighted to announce the acquisition of Adams Morey from the 1st July 2019.The Greenhous Commercials arm of GGL has been a DAF operation since the early 1980’s with bases across the West Midlands It is a national and international DAF award winning company in terms of sales, service and parts.

The Greenhous Group is part of one of the top 100 Sunday Times Fast Track leading independent businesses in the UK. Both businesses have spent considerable time building a trusting relationship with similar core values, including the quality of care for customers and staff. Adams Morey is welcomed into the Greenhous Group Limited portfolio, which strengthens its commitment to the delivery of quality services and value to customers across the West Midlands and central Southern England.

Derek Passant, Chief Executive of Greenhous Group Limited spoke highly of the outgoing management saying: “Mike Adams has developed a wonderful independent business over the past 40 years which has rightly earned a great deal of respect from its customers for the level of customer service it has delivered.The Greenhous Group will continue to operate Adams Morey under that name representing the DAF franchise and will uphold those levels of customer service at all of its eight sites. I welcome the 300 plus staff of Adams Morey to our company and look forward to further prosperity for Adams Morey.

“There is already a great synergy between Greenhous Commercials and Adams Morey, both are independent and operate to similar customer bases with the same customer focussed values. It will be very much business as usual at Adams Morey.”

Chairman Mike Adams says “When I had to face the terrible responsibility of finding someone to continue our business, it was vital that the interests of the stakeholders in Adams Morey – the staff and the customers – would be the prime consideration. I have been fortunate to work with the best people in the business and we have been able to support transport operations that are key to local economies as well as those that operate nationally and internationally. In return, our customers have given us a loyalty that is truly remarkable. From my first meeting with Derek Passant, I felt that Greenhous share the same values and create the same culture of commitment and care as we do. They will bring new ideas and energy, particularly in the light commercial business, and widen the support that is available to our DAF Trucks customers.

It has been my great privilege to have an industry legend – Mike Fennell – as a friend and colleague for over 40 years and importantly, as our Managing Director for the past 11 years. Mike has set standards of customer service that are industry leading and I sincerely thank him for all that he means to Adams Morey.

Mike Fennell adds “Having spent nearly 46 years working in Adams Morey it was so important for me once I had decided to retire to find someone to take Adams Morey forward so for me Greenhous was the perfect match to ensure that our business would continue doing what we have done since we started and that is to look after all our people and all of our customers”.

From the 1st July Kevin Swinnerton will become the Managing Director of Adams Morey. Thanks to the kindness of owner Mike Adams he has been engaging with the staff at Adams Morey for some time and will lead the future advancement of this important commercial business in the area.

Kevin Swinnerton says: "Adams Morey has a deserved reputation as the leading commercial business in the area. We have a tremendous opportunity to grow further bringing our strong business values and service delivery to match the demands and high expectations of our customers”