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A knight in shining armour!

A knight in shining armour!
It is very satisfying to know that there are people in our community who have trained to become life savers. Many events that people attend require some form of emergency aid to be provided should a medical emergency occur. We all know of the Paramedics, Red Cross and St John Ambulance, but who are these people and why did they choose to volunteer for this public service?

 At Greenhous in Shrewsbury, Paul Herbert is a Senior Management Accountant, a very important position in any company. However, he has also been a member of the St John Ambulance for over 25 years – a very important role in our community.

Paul regards his volunteering for the St John Ambulance as a very special part of his life. “I started as a cadet before going into the Air Training Corp as a young lad”, explained Paul. “I went to a St John party and met this lovely young lady, called Mary, and so I re-joined to be close to her!” It was to be a lasting relationship as they married and now have two children. Both Paul and Mary have remained as St John Ambulance volunteers to this day and have been joined by their youngest daughter, Emma.

Paul has always enjoyed meeting people and engaging them in conversation about their jobs and lives. It is part of the role to be calm and welcoming and also be a good listener when dealing with someone in difficulties. Paul is trained to offer first aid, operate a defibrillator, use oxygen and pain relieving gas, clear airways and dispense minor pain killers as part of his role at events. His role is as an Emergency Transport Attendant, and he is also responsible for fleet and logistics, where 6 vehicles have to be serviced and maintained, stocked and positioned at events.

Paul volunteers for an average of 6 hours per week, but events such as the recent Shrewsbury Fields weekend mean that he can be on duty for over 30 hours across the three days. Over a year he will expect to donate between 300 and 500 hours of his own time in a role he loves. Paul says: “Volunteering is a big commitment and I have risen to a level where I have others who look to me for leadership. Training is ongoing and we pride ourselves that, even though we may be volunteers, we act in a professional manner at all times. We have fun along the way and make very good friends, which helps our teamwork.”

With 25 years of service, Paul has served at a whole host of events including football matches at Stoke City, Loton Park hill climbs, mountain biking competitions, moto-cross events and the V festival. He has got up close with the rich and famous, recently being photographed with comedian Russell Kane at Shrewsbury Fields.

Paul has been rewarded for his long service and the excellence of his contribution to the work of St John Ambulance, receiving a ‘Serving Brother’ award in a ceremony at St John’s Gate in London. When asked whether he would recommend membership of St John Ambulance Paul is quick to encourage. “Do it!” he says,” without a shadow of a doubt. We all have grumbles in life, but I am truly grateful for the opportunities that have come my way through volunteering for St John Ambulance. I have met celebrities, sports people, thousands of members of the public and received a lot of thanks.

“I have been very lucky to see and do things that others never had the opportunity to. I have been privileged to be a part of this organisation.”

Greenhous are a company with a strong presence in the community and are proud of the role Paul plays within it.