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Apprenticeships are a priority at Greenhous DAF.

Apprenticeships are a priority at Greenhous DAF.
It is widely accepted by business leaders in this country that there is a skills shortage across most forms of industry. To counter this we must look to encourage more of our young people to gather the skills we need to compete in the national and global market places. One way of doing this is by businesses engaging in apprenticeship programmes with specific providers in their location.

The Greenhous Group have DAF truck dealerships in Shrewsbury and in Willenhall, Wolverhampton.  Both of these have a number of apprentices working in several areas of the business. The apprentice route is a vital aspect of the employment policy of Greenhous where the training up of new staff in “The Greenhous Way” permeates through all branches and departments.

Bryan ‘Griff’ Griffiths, service manager at Greenhous DAF Shrewsbury, is very enthusiastic about the apprenticeship route as he explained: ”Young people should be encouraged to look at the apprenticeship route as a way of getting into employment and developing a future career.  University is not for everyone and I want young people to come to me who are enthusiastic about following a career in this industry, whether it be as a technician or in sales or after sales.

“We do not take just anyone.  There is an interview process and I aim to find out about their ambition and desire to follow the apprenticeship route.  They must want this.  It is not an easy option, but the rewards are significant. A 17 year old I want to employ is more adaptable to new situations, open to innovation and will be dedicated to the job.”

Pictured are three first year apprentices are working at Greenhous DAF Shrewsbury at present.  Tyler Gamble, 17, is from Llanidloes and started in April as service advisor apprentice.  In sales is 19 year old Ricky Bagri from Telford.  Ricky says he has always wanted to get into sales as a career. On the technical side is technician apprentice, Jamie Singh, 18, from Shrewsbury.  All receive training at Greenhous DAF as well as attending the DAF Academy at Bristol College, which Griff rates as one of the best training facilities he has ever come across. Tom Hill a second year technician apprentice has just been named Apprentice of the Year from the DAF Academy.  Joe Hall is a third year technician apprentice at DAF Shrewsbury.

Greenhous DAF Service Director, Wayne Fletcher expands on the Greenhous approach to training saying: “About 10 years ago the company embarked on a policy of recruitment through apprenticeships, particularly on the technical side.  We have taken on at least one apprentice technician each year at each site. However, all areas of the business need supporting and so here at Willenhall, as at Shrewsbury, we also have apprentices in sales and administration.”

“The advantage of apprenticeships for us is that we can train and mould the next generation of staff ensuring a seamless succession of staff across the business. We can select the best quality applicants with help from our training partners.”

The latest recruits onto the apprenticeship programme at Willenhall are Atlanta Tipton, 18, from Stafford who started in September in business administration, and Jack Potts, also 18, a local lad from Wednesfield who commenced his sales administration apprenticeship in October.  Already engaged on the technical apprenticeship are Mitchell Pearson, year 3 , Daniel Perrins, year2 and Callum Fletcher, year 2.

 Both Griff and Wayne encourage young people looking to get into work and start the pathway to a successful career to take up the apprenticeship option.  To make an approach to Greenhous about apprenticeship opportunities prospective applicants should contact the recruitment department via e mail: