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Baz lines up the Isle of Man TT for 2016.

Baz lines up the Isle of Man TT for 2016.
The thought of racing a motorcycle at high speeds around the countryside and villages of the Isle of Man is enough to give most people goose-bumps. Others experience it for real and are drawn for the adrenaline rush year after year. Barry Furber, a master technician at Greenhous Vauxhall in Shrewsbury, is part of this brave band of motorsport thrill seekers who test their skills against the clock and the tortuous 37 and three quarter mile circuit of the island.

Unlike many competitors who have a place in a sponsored team on factory machines, Barry is an independent entrant.  So to see his rapid improvement in times over the past few years is remarkable and is the reason he is now looking to advance from the Manx Grand Prix race to the full Isle of Man TT, which he has qualified to enter for 2016.

To do so Barry needs sponsorship and to find a team to race for.  He has linked up with the Moto-Design Race Team who have recognised the ‘rising star ‘potential Barry has shown in races on the Isle of Man and on the main land.  However, Barry needs to raise around £6,000 to support his entry,  travel, racing practices and accommodation for the two weeks racing on the island.

Barry entered the Manx GP for the second time this year hoping to improve on his previous result.  As Barry recalls: ““In 2014 I raced the TT circuit for the first time at the Manx Grand Prix and finished 2nd in the newcomer’s race with an average speed of 108mph. This was a fantastic result for me especially because I was using a low powered standard engine.

“This season I had some good results in the six meetings I needed to qualify in for the Manx GP, winning at Oulton Park and coming third at a meet in Anglesey. I came third overall despite suffering major damage to my bike in a crash at Mallory Park in March.”

Barry concludes: “In 2015 I returned to the Isle of Man having improved the performance of my Suzuki SV650 V Twin and came fourth overall, averaging 111.2 mph for my fastest lap. I was ecstatic as the first three riders were vastly more experienced on the island circuit and they were riding for teams.”

So now the challenge of the full Isle of Man TT race awaits Barry and he is full of confidence that he can do well.  Being part of a team will provide him with the machine and support to compete with the best on the circuit.  Barry is looking for sponsorship to enable him to attend the full TT fortnight.  He can be contacted by e mail: