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Greenhous and Octane design an innovative fuel management system for use with a fleet business.

Greenhous and Octane design an innovative fuel management system for use with a fleet business.
The Greenhous Group are one of the largest and most successful independent automobile suppliers for retail and fleet in the UK. Greenhous has invested heavily in the development of a new Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) site on a former RAF airfield at High Ercall in Shropshire. As part of this venture some of the vehicles that have been received from the manufacturers and prepared for delivery are to be driven by a team of drivers to points across the UK.

A new fuel management system needed to be installed at High Ercall and Richard Sykes, a director of Octane explains their input into the project: “Greenhous had a requirement to install a completely new fuel management system at the High Ercall site and we worked with them to achieve this.  Octane provided a 15,000 litre tank for diesel and a 6,000 tank for petrol along with two dispensing pumps for each fuel.  We pride ourselves that we fulfil what we have agreed to do and work within a set budget. Greenhous were delighted with our approach and we have been on hand to advise them on the regulations regarding the installation and delivery of the fuel.  They are fully compliant.

Our installation and service manager, Tom Burns deserves a lot of credit as he has manged the project from our end working very closely with Kevin Swinnerton who is the Greenhous Fleet Operations Director. This included the new software solution which we are all so proud of.”

For his part Kevin identifies the potential issues he has faced in the past saying: “The traditional process was for our drivers to have a master key for a pump and to enter the registration of the vehicle being filled and then use a ‘guesstimate’ of how much fuel would be needed for the journey.  We challenged our software development team and Octane to come up with a solution that would link with our system of logging all movements of, and actions on, each of our vehicles so that we have an accurate and live feed of data of any vehicle on our site.

“As each of our vehicles enters the site it is given an NFC tag attached to the ignition key.  This has the vehicle chassis number on it and onto this tag the specifications of the vehicle and all operations carried out upon that vehicle. The new software solution includes programming the journey for that vehicle and the automatic dispensing of an accurate amount of fuel avoiding over fuelling and the allied costs that this has caused to the company in the past”

Octane have a software partner in MCS Systems, and it was an introduction of MCS to Greenhous Franchise Project Manager, Jon Stagg, that led to the development of the innovative bespoke fuel management system now in place at High Ercall.  “I lead the software development team here at Greenhous” said Jon, “and, after our initial discussions with MCS and Tom Burns, it was evident that we would get a solution that other companies seemed incapable of achieving.  We enjoy a challenge and the solution will have a marked effect on the efficiency, effectiveness and cost savings of this part of the fleet operation.”

The Greenhous fleet operation at High Ercall deals with high volumes of vehicles from brands such as Ford, Nissan, Renault, Volvo and VW Commercials.  Greenhous value the partnerships, such as that with Octane Holding Group Ltd, that enable the fleet process to be the envy of their competitors.