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Greenhous Customers First on the Road in 14 Plates

Greenhous Customers First on the Road in 14 Plates
Greenhous customers became some of the first to hit the road with a brand new 14 plate car after a midnight handover took place last week.

Staff hosted a late night event at the Toyota and Nissan branches coinciding with the release of the new vehicle registration plates on March 1st. The exciting event which was open to a select few customers, allowed them to drive out of the showroom at midnight with some of the first 14 plate vehicles in the country.

Neil Scutts, sales manager at Nissan Shrewsbury, said “Buying a car is an incredibly exciting time for a customer and this is something that is easy to forget when we hand over cars day in, day out. Most people tend to replace their vehicle every 3-5 years or even longer, and this experience is something that we must not underestimate.

“This is why we wanted to open our doors for a late night handover, offering customers that added extra that would make their handover experience particularly special. Driving the latest vehicle registration plates is desirable for many people so we made the handover into a bit of a celebration!

“We provided refreshments and customers were able to interact and chat about their new vehicles. The atmosphere was buzzing as customers waited for midnight to come. This is something we try and do every time the new registration plates are released so we look forward to sharing the experience with customers in September.”

Julie Bates, Toyota general manager, said “It is our job to maintain that special feeling of excitement that purchasing a vehicle can bring to a customer and it was because of this that we wanted to offer the midnight handovers. “This gave the customer an opportunity that most drivers don’t get so it was no surprise that it was a popular event. We had a great evening and we all thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the excitement.”