Greenhous Supplies XPO IT Services with Bespoke Truck

Greenhous Supplies XPO IT Services with Bespoke Truck
Midlands – based XPO IT Services has recently invested in a bespoke truck from Greenhous DAF which enables the company to shred PC hard drives on the customer’s premises.

Colin Moore, truck sales executive at Greenhous DAF in Shrewsbury, said the investment is crucial to ensure privacy in secure data destruction. “XPO IT Services are data destruction specialists and as one of the Midlands leading companies in this field, they rely on the mobility of their shredding services.

“Greenhous DAF has supplied a bespoke, all-purpose DAF FALF45 10T vehicle with a GRP box body. The truck has opening side doors so the generator for the shredder can be removed, allowing the truck to carry out collections as a box vehicle.

“Being able to transport their shredder using one of our trucks allows them to visit clients on site and shred highly sensitive or top secret data there and then, providing peace of mind for the customer.”

Zubin Peckham, of XPO IT Services, said that being involved in the data shredding market for some time and working alongside clients has provided some insight into the growing importance of onsite data shredding. “The vulnerability of information stored on PC hard drives is a recognised security risk. We have recently invested in a shredder which destroys hard drives and tapes down to 4mm. With increased legislation regarding data leaks and company fines, XPO see this as a growing market.

“Being able to shred onsite is vital for us as a company and with the bespoke truck supplied to us by Greenhous DAF; we are able to do this safely. We are aware of Greenhous’ reputation as a reliable DAF Truck dealer and along with offering us a five-year full repair and maintenance contract, working with Greenhous seemed the obvious choice.”