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Keeping your business on the road

Keeping your business on the road
Greenhous cars and commercials are part of the Greenhous Group, an expanding business with a high profile across Shropshire and the West Midlands. The Greenhous Group is one of the Sunday Times top 100 privately owned businesses, and is consistently ranked in the Motor Trader and Automotive Management Top 20 Dealer rankings.

We have a number of franchises which include Vauxhall, VW Commercials, Nissan, Toyota, Volvo and Renault, all of whom operate a dedicated business development section for small and large fleet and also individual business needs.

At Greenhous we have invested heavily in the modernisation and expansion of our PDI Centre facilities and the development of an innovative Fleet Vehicle Management System. This has firmly established Greenhous as a premier business in the fleet sales arena and has led to significant positive effects for the company, the manufacturers and Greenhous customers.

Greenhous has large scale facilities for the storage of vehicles pre and post PDI. The service the company provides to the customer is of ultimate importance, and we aim to produce a complete package for the end user. All vehicles are checked thoroughly, extra fitments are added where ordered. The vehicles are valeted and are then ready for delivery. It is a seamless process which creates the right impression with our customers. Greenhous aims to be versatile when required, but always ensures the highest level of quality control in service and delivery.

We process large volumes of vehicles for a number of high profile clients. All processes from order to delivery are monitored and tracked using our Fleet Vehicle Management System which has been developed in house. The customer experience has improved dramatically and the manufacturers have been impressed by the reported increase in their order books since the system was installed.

The PDI and Fleet Vehicle Management System are at the heart of a rapidly expanding part of the business. We provide all makes of cars and commercial vehicles for our brands and this includes the latest in electric and electric hybrid models. We have an experienced team, pictured above, who are ready to engage with business leaders to ascertain their transport needs and offer them attractive, bespoke solutions. At Greenhous customer service and customer care are of paramount importance and our business sales development team are dedicated to building long term, trusting relationships with their clients.

Contact with customers does not end as the deal is closed. Keeping in touch to ensure all is well with the product, to inform the customer when servicing reminders are due and to discuss the future needs of the company are all parts of the sales activity practised by our friendly staff. At Greenhous we like to think we can find a solution for the transport requirements of every organisation. If you require one vehicle or a multiple number of vehicles, even a mixture of different brands, we can satisfy your business requirements. Why not call the team and find out how they can help you develop your business for a prosperous 2015.