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Keith is a side-car racing champion.

Keith is a side-car racing champion.
Possibly the most frightening thing about fast motor sport must be as a passenger in a motorcycle and side-car race. Hanging on for dear life at 140 mph on the straight and then having to be a contortionist as you transfer your weight from one part of the side car to the other to keep it on the ground without falling off!

Keith Box, an HGV technician at Greenhous Commercials in Willenhall, has spent the past 4 years developing his skills and has now, with driver Anthony Eades, been crowned as champions of the Darley Moor Motor Cycle Road Race Club in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.  Some of the best side-car racing teams in the country race at the track and Keith and partner have been involved in some eventful scraps.

As a boy Keith went with his Dad to motorcycle racing and rode bikes from a young age himself.  He spent 17years as a Marshall at racing tracks before being given an opportunity to try out side car racing with a £20 payment for 3 laps of the track.  He was instantly bitten by the bug and it was not long before he was encouraged to gain his ACU licence to enable him to participate in the sport.

Now, 4 years later, he and Anthony have been crowned champions and Keith is justifiably proud of their achievement saying: “Anthony is an experienced driver and he took me on as a relative novice, but you work together to know when to position yourself for manoeuvres around the circuit.  We crashed once and I broke my wrist, but that was the only poor experience I have had.

“It is very physical work as the passenger and the adrenalin really flows as I lie just 4 inches above the track with my feet off the end of the car at times.  I have worn out three pairs of boots scraping the tarmac! We drive a 1000cc machine, however Anthony also has two 600 cc machines that he has raced at the Isle of man TT.”