Shrewsbury Town FC Players Meet ADAM

Shrewsbury Town FC Players Meet ADAM
Following on from the recent sponsorship renewal between Greenhous and Shrewsbury Town Football Club, players from the team were introduced to the ADAM, Vauxhalls first offering into the ‘supermini’ sector.

 With competitively low price points combined with state of the art interior features, the ADAM targets a younger, more fashion-forward market. It comes in three different trims packs: Jam (fashionable and affordable), Glam (comfortable, classic) and Slam (sporty) giving it versatility whilst ensuring its appeal to a wider audience.

The ADAM’s highly advanced, all-in-one multimedia system- IntelliLink, offers Smartphone connectivity allowing the user to step into their own personal world of music, photos, videos and maps via the 7-inch colour touch screen on the ADAM dashboard.

Two ADAM models were taken over to the Greenhous Meadow last week and players were given the chance to test out the cars. Mark Wright and Ryan Doble were able to get their hands on all the new features to see exactly what the ADAM is made of. Ryan Doble, Striker for Shrewsbury Town FC, said “The ADAM is great to look at and to drive. The colour touch screen on the dash can be linked up to my phone making everything I need easily accessible.”

Greenhous have recently renewed their sponsorship deal with Shrewsbury Town Football Club for another three seasons. The Shropshire and Staffordshire based dealership have played a role in the club for the past six years and the latest deal includes the stadium and the home and away shirts.

Dave Sullivan, aftersales director and general manager at Greenhous, said “Greenhous have been keen supporters of football within the community on both a small and a large scale. As well as sponsoring Shrewsbury Town Football Club, we have been involved in football within schools for over a decade. To be involved in our local team is an honour and we are thrilled to be supporting the club for a further three years.”