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Staff Changes for Vauxhall and Volvo

Staff Changes for Vauxhall and Volvo
Staff changes took place at the beginning of this month, with Sales Manager Steve Rowson switching from Vauxhall over to Volvo whilst Neil McKenzie has taken the wheel at Old Potts Way.

Steve had been Sales Manager at Vauxhall Shrewsbury for six years, but with new brands added to the Greenhous portfolio after the takeover last summer, he made the move to Featherbed Lane as Volvo Operations Manager at Volvo. Steve said “I thoroughly enjoyed working as a part of the Vauxhall team at Old Potts Way, watching the brand grow and develop just as Greenhous has done over the years. It has always been a pleasure working with the staff throughout the whole site and I will miss those that have made the job so enjoyable.

“The move over to Volvo has been exciting for me, especially as I now look after the complete retail site including sales, service and parts. The prospect of working with a completely different and innovative manufacturer is great after dealing with Vauxhall for so long. I am keen to learn more about Volvo and to get stuck into the role as well as getting to know all of the staff at Featherbed Lane.”

Steve has been replaced at Vauxhall Shrewsbury by Neil McKenzie, who before taking a year out with his wife and spending part of it in France, previously worked at Greenhous Hanley and Bristol Street in Macclesfield. Neil said “It’s great to come back to such a well known, established company in the local area after working for Greenhous back in 2010/11. I have thrown myself into the role and I hope I can deliver here in the same way I did when in my previous position.”