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The French Connection

The French Connection
We take for granted the fact that there are so many makes of car available to us nowadays. Once upon a time Volvos were made and sold in Sweden, Toyotas in Japan, but now manufacturers may have their bases in other countries or here in the UK, and certainly sell their cars worldwide. There is an open market place in today’s car world.

At Greenhous there are several manufacturers represented in their franchise portfolio. Customers can purchase vehicles from the selection provided by Vauxhall, Volvo, Nissan, Toyota, Renault and Dacia, as well as choosing Volkswagen commercial vehicles, or even DAF trucks.

With so many brands available Greenhous have specifically trained sales and technical support staff with expert knowledge of all of their vehicles. An unusual coincidence is that Greenhous have two French sales executives selling Renault cars at their Shrewsbury and Telford dealerships.

Serge Capellas joined Renault in Shrewsbury in January 2013, with Sylvain Daugan arriving at Greenhous Renault in Telford in June this year. The coincidences keep coming up as both came to England from Paris, and both worked at the same time in Northwich for competing French car dealerships. Serge for Peugeot and Sylvain for Citroen.

They have known each other for 17 years and have now found themselves working for the same company selling the same brand!

Sylvain arrived in England in 1993 and has been involved in retail sales since 1996 after first spending 3 years working in a lead factory in Chester, something he was glad to move on from. Ahead of him, Serge arrived in England in 1977 with his family as his father brought his business here from Paris. He started in motor sales in London in 1988 working for Renault. After a break into other areas of retail he eventually returned to the industry.

Sylvain works at the Greenhous Renault dealership on Stafford Park in Telford. He is a former semi-professional cyclist and he maintains a very active participation in the activity still, training at present for a 100 mile charity ride with other colleagues. Sylvain enjoys his working environment as he says, “We have a great team of people here throughout the dealership and we get on well together. Everyone has been so helpful to me and the personal approach is so strong here. I haven’t felt this good a feeling at work for a long time.”

“I have known Sylvain for 17 years and he is a good friend. Now we don’t compete to sell other brand’s cars!” revealed Serge in the showroom on Featherbed Lane in Shrewsbury.

“I have a very good working relationship with all of my colleagues from sales, service and administration, they get on so well. The showroom is nice and spacious.” Serge likes to run and is an avid Manchester United fan. So the “entente cordiale” is strong in Shropshire as these Gallic gentlemen have found in their work selling Renault cars for Greenhous.