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The Greenhous Way

The Greenhous Way
What is the best way to ensure that a company can be forward thinking, fully skilled, innovative, customer care aware and guaranteeing a high quality of delivery from a respected workforce? The answer at the Greenhous Group is that a company ethos has been developed during its 100 plus years of operation that is all inclusive and puts a heavy emphasis on recruiting the right people for the right jobs. Add to this a collective understanding that the staff need to be skilled and happy in the workplace and you have a recipe for success.

 At Greenhous there has always been a culture of development from within with many employees having exceeded their 25 year milestone of service. Many can reflect on starting on YTS schemes and progressing up from the shop floor and on into positions of responsibility, including top management. There is an implicit philosophy – The Greenhous Way – in which the standards and principles that are core to the business are cultivated and passed on by more experienced employees to the new recruits. Formal procedures are kept to a minimum so that staff, and particularly management, have both authority and responsibility for their actions.

That investment in young, talented individuals continues today through the use of the apprenticeship route. More than 20 individuals are at this moment in time engaged on apprenticeship training programmes with Greenhous. Not just in the most obvious mechanical or electrical disciplines required for vehicle maintenance, but also, for example, in accounting, IT and software development, sales and customer care.

Nahara Hanson, HR Manager at Greenhous, reports on a positive attitude towards apprenticeships by the managers within all parts of the company. “I receive requests from managers for a new recruit and I then set out to source possible individuals and set up the best route for that apprenticeship to be fulfilled. We use qualified and Ofsted accredited external partners to ensure that the qualifications gained by our apprentices are of the highest quality and recognised by employers. We have been very successful in ‘growing our own’ employees and they stay with us.”

Greenhous are proud of their links with the local communities that their dealerships are a part of and draw many staff from those communities. Links are developing with schools and colleges to encourage students to think of the work place as a positive route instead of, or after university. Using modern day apprenticeships Greenhous can select the most suited individuals to benefit from their training programmes and the work environment provided. The company utilises the vast experience within its existing employees to mould the new key personnel the company will rely on in the future.

The company benefits from employing bright, technologically aware young people who have grown up with the latest innovations and are prepared to embrace and use them without fear. Derek Passant is the Chief Executive of the Greenhous Group. He started himself on a YTS scheme with Greenhous and he reflects upon the importance of taking on apprentices and educating them in the ‘Greenhous Way’.

“We have to look to the future. We are growing at a rapid rate and we need talented youngsters who will be the future managers of this company”, says Derek. “We need quality electricians to keep up with the diagnostics of modern vehicles for example. We do not know all of the answers so we will take on people who will innovate and solve the problems that present themselves, in order to take us forward.”

The Greenhous Way has at its heart investing in people, and is about empowerment and trust so that future prosperity and stability will be safeguarded.

Pictured left to right: Ryan Evans apprentice in IT, Rhiannon Copeman, Communications Relationship Management (CRM), Georgina Purslow and Hollie Brookstein, Business Administration.