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Future Models

Since 1903, Vauxhall have been at the forefront of British motoring by innovating every step of the way. Get a glimpse of tomorrow’s game-changers by checking out our future models and concepts.

All-New Grandland open for orders this Summer...

The new Vauxhall Grandland is the perfect example of SUV excellence, combining bold next-generational design, cutting edge technology and the latest 100% electric powertrain with up to 435 mile range.  

Every part of the new Vauxhall Grandland has been precision engineered to stand out. From the dynamic silhouette to the innovative illuminated vizor grille and class-leading IntelliLux® Pixel HD Lights, the new Grandland is grand by design and sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

Vauxhall Frontera

Coming Soon...

Pssst, the Vauxhall Frontera is returning to the streets this year and its bigger and better than ever! It will be an all-electric SUV perfect for growing families and adventures from the highlands in Scotland to the beaches in Dorset.

Features of Frontera

  • A sustainable large SUV, available with an all-electric powertrain. 

  • The all-new Frontera will be a fun & clever SUV, including all the functional features & tech to ease your longer road trips.

  • The Vauxhall Frontera will have a high level of space and versatility, perfect for family travel.

  • It will encompass our Bold & Pure design features with a sleek detoxed interior and the signature Vauxhall Vizor grille.

  • The Frontera will be offered at an attractive price point, as we support access to electric cars for all.


Introducing Vauxhall’s new zero emissions Vivaro-e Hydrogen van

With a range of up to 249 miles. Ultra-fast three minute refilling. Impressive cargo volume up to 6.1m3, and payload up to 1,000kg.

Available already in LHD markets (Germany & France), and arriving in UK in late-2022 for fleet evaluation trials during 2023.

The new fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) is based on the existing battery electric Vivaro-e. The plug-in fuel cell concept of the Vivaro-e HYDROGEN enables the integration of the whole fuel cell system with the existing traction motor under the bonnet of the production vehicle.

Thanks to the smart packaging, the battery electric version becomes a fuel cell electric LCV without any modifications to the body (available in standard 4.95m and long 5.30m wheelbase) and with no impact on the 5.3m3 to 6.1m3 of cargo space, while the payload increases to 1,000kg.

The New Vivaro-e HYDROGEN delivers range autonomy of 249 miles. This comprises of 218 miles for the 4.4kg hydrogen which can be refilled in 3 minutes, and a further 31 miles from the 10.5kWh battery. The Hydrogen Fuel tanks are located under the floor, and the battery is located under the front seats. 

Terms & Conditions

*Fuel economy and CO2 results for the Vauxhall Astra Electric 114KW (158PS). Mpg (l/100km): N/A. CO2 emissions: 0g/km. Electric range up to 258 miles (WLTP). The range and electric consumption figures mentioned are preliminary and comply with the WLTP test procedure, on the basis of which new vehicles are type approved from 1 September 2018.  They may vary depending on actual conditions of use and on different factors such as: vehicle load, accessories fitted (post registration), speed, thermal comfort on board the vehicle, driving style and outside temperature. The charging time depends in particular on the power of the charger on board the vehicle, the charging cable and the type and power of the charging station used. Please contact your Vauxhall Retailer for further information.

**You can obtain 15-80% of the vehicle charge in 30 minutes from a 100kW rapid charging station. The vehicle will rapid charge at a rate of up to 100kW, depending on the power of the rapid charging station used and will take longer to charge at a lower power.  Rapid charging stations are available across the UK at various locations and their power rating varies, typically from 50kW and sometimes up to 350kW. For further information on public charging stations across the UK, please visit here. 

^^Fuel economy and CO2 results for the New Grandland Plug-in HYBRID. Combined mpg (l/100km): 217.3 mpg (1.3). CO2 emissions: 31-29 g/km. Electric range: up to 39 miles. (WLTP - EAER). 

***Fuel economy and CO2 results for the New Astra Plug-in HYBRID. Combined mpg (WLTP): 201 to 256 mpg (1.4 to 1.1 l/100km). CO2 emissions (WLTP): 24 to 26g/km. Electric range: up to 43 miles. (WLTP - EAER) Cars WLTP Figures shown are for comparison purposes and should only be compared to the fuel consumption and CO2 values of other cars tested to the same technical standard. The fuel consumption achieved, and CO2 produced, in real world conditions will depend upon a number of factors including, but not limited to: the accessories fitted (pre and post registration); variations in weather; driving styles and vehicle load. The WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicles Test Procedure) is used to measure fuel consumption and CO2 figures. The CO2 figures display a range to reflect the highest value for the highest emitting version with all available options added, through to a minimum value to represent the lowest emitting version in standard specification. For more information contact your local Vauxhall Retailer.