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Electric Vehicle Servicing

Your electric vehicle will require regular servicing, just like a petrol or diesel vehicle. We carry out all the usual roadworthiness checks, but the rest of your service is quite different.

Electric Vehicle Servicing: What's included?

When you bring your electric vehicle in for a service, we check for all the usual service items legal requirements, such as wear on the tyres, brakes, wipers and bulbs. But your electric vehicle service will also include the following checks:

Charging cable: we check that cable is present and visually check its condition
High-voltage components and high-voltage cables: we inspect these for damage and correct routing and securing of lines

Unlike diesel vehicles, electric vehicles don’t need an oil change. Overall, electric vehicles far fewer mechanical working parts than the equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle – therefore there are less parts that need attention. Regenerative braking will also reduce wear on brake pads and discs, elongating their life.

A comprehensive list of what is included within your electric vehicle service follows below.

We will make sure to check the:

- Breakdown set
- Charging cable
- Lights
- Bonnet lock
- High-voltage charging socket
- Condition of the front and rear brake discs
- Engine and components in the engine compartment
- Presence of the warning sticker
- Tyre condition, wear patterns and tread depths
- Tyre pressures and correct them if necessary
- 12V Battery
- Check the brake fluid level
- Check the anti-freeze and coolant level and refill
- Check the washers and wipers and top-up fluid
- The high-voltage components and high-voltage lines
- Measure the potential compensation and insulation resistance
- Power steering
And we'll also:
- Run a vehicle systems test and read fault memories
- Reset the service interval display
- Charge the high-voltage battery

In Addition to the Inspection Service we will also check the:

- Interior lights
- Windscreen
- Sliding roof
- Doors and hatches for body corrosion 
- Door arrester
- Brake system and shock absorbers
- Steering suspension for wear and leaks
- Undercoat and the underbody panels for damage

All non-standard service work:

- Glass including windscreen glass and headlamp lenses
- Roadside assistance
- Body repairs
- Tyre replacement or puncture repair
- Oil, air and fluid top-ups between services
- Air conditioning
- Filters, unless otherwise stated
- Maintenance and repair of non-factory or non-standard fitted items/accessories
- Camshaft belts/chains
- Wear and tear items
Damage caused by:
- Negligence, abuse or misuse and accidents
- Any form of corrosion including pollution, water, chemical, salt and weather
- Using incorrect oil or fuel
- Any additions to a service unless otherwise stated

Why Choose an EV Service Plan?

- Keep track of your budget and plan ahead with clear pricing.
- Spread the cost and pay monthly at no extra cost.
- We’ve fixed the pricing to protect you from inflation.
- Volkswagen Trained Specialists will take expert care of your electric vehicle.
- We supply and fit any part your Volkswagen may need with genuine parts and ensure you’re protected with a two year warranty.
- Comprehensive checks & diagnostic check report.

Who can service my electric van?

Our Van Centre is an authorised repairer and is able to service your electric van. Our technicians are appropriately trained with the correct safety equipment and tooling.

Call us today to get booked in on 01902 597874.