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ID. Buzz Cargo

From £48,631.00 (inc.VAT)

ID. Buzz Cargo

Commercial Mobility in a New Dimension

What do you expect from a modern day commercial vehicle? If it’s electric drive, sufficient loading space, volume and comfort and convenience for long journeys, then look no further than the new ID. Buzz Cargo - the first all-electric van from Volkswagen. 

Thanks to modern connectivity, digital systems and many intelligent features, the ID. Buzz Cargo, visually inspired by the first campervan, is designed to make your working life even easier.

Put all this together and you get a powerful commercial vehicle with impressive sustainability credentials that masters the challenges of your everyday work.


Electric range combined (WLTP):               Charge time 5% to 80%:
                256 Miles                                      Approx. 30 Minutes


Design: Built for the Future


Large cargo space, with compact dimensions and at the same time fully electric, the ID. Buzz Cargo is poised to redefine commercial mobility. 

Thanks to its modern loading space design, it impresses with space for two Euro pallets loaded sideways. Combined with the large loading volume of up to 3.9 cubic meters, there is also plenty of space for the clever storage concept in the cockpit, in which everyday work items can be neatly and safely stowed away.

With its powerful e-drive, trailer loads of up to 1,000 kg can also be easily attached to the optional trailer hitch. This is how the new ID. Buzz Cargo turns into a modern-day "workhorse".

Pioneering Lighting Concept that Communicates With You

The modern lighting design adds to the fun and friendly-looking appearance of the new ID. Buzz Cargo. With the optional Keyless Advance feature, as soon as you approach the vehicle with the car key, you will be greeted with a friendly “wink” as its optional LED matrix headlights swing up electrically from below and light up.

With the "Coming & Leaving Home function", the ID. Buzz Cargo brings light to the dark, too. When you approach the vehicle or leave it, the optional LED matrix headlights and a light projection make the way visible. The innovative lighting technology of the ID. Buzz Cargo provides highlights in everyday work.

Well-designed Interior Provides a Lot of Space in a Small Area

Compact dimensions, plenty of loading volume, and fully electric is the definition of the future of commercial mobility with the ID. Buzz Cargo.

Due to the MEB platform, the new ID. Buzz Cargo offers maximum loading space on a small footprint. Two Euro pallets loaded sideways can be accommodated, with the overall loading volume of the ID. Buzz Cargo up to 3.9 cubic meters5.

The fixed partition between the driver's cab and the loading space can be fitted with a window and a loading opening if required, while two sliding side doors make loading even more convenient and flexible.

In addition, the new ID. Buzz Cargo combines high loading capacity with great manoeuvrability. The small turning circle of just 11.09 metres is ideal when working on the narrow streets of the big city.

Manoeuvrable, variable and spacious with compact dimensions - this is how the new ID. Buzz Cargo is ready for the challenges of modern day commercial mobility.

Clever Cockpit is Well-Organised for Everyday Work

The optimised driver's workplace in the new ID. Buzz Cargo is excellently prepared for your everyday work with plenty of space for storing and charging, as well as space for up to two passengers on the standard double seat bench.

The interior is completely without animal leather, further demonstrating the sustainability credentials of the ID. Buzz without any compromise on use.

Thanks to the storage concept in the cockpit, specially designed for commercial use, you are well organised on the go. Whether it's work gloves, delivery notes or, drinks bottle, coffee mugs or lunch box: there is a place for almost everything. For example, in the large open storage compartment on the top of the dashboard or in the lockable glove compartment.

In addition to the optional wireless smartphone charging pad, the new ID. Buzz Cargo offers up to 5 USB-C ports that can charge additional devices.

Mobile Storage Space on the Go Bringing the Office to You

The optional ID. Buzz Cargo Box, available when you order a single front passenger seat, is the practical feature with a futuristic design. It allows you to quickly and efficiently stow the important things of everyday work between the driver's seat and the front passenger's seat.

This functional, removable storage box not only has space for drinks bottles, coffee mugs or pens. It also has a spacious upper compartment in which small to medium-sized laptops, folders, clipboards and the like can be stored.

The mobile and flexible ID. Buzz Cargo Box offers smart use of space on the go, meaning you always have your office to hand.

More convenient than ever offering new digital mobility

With a digital cockpit, internet connectivity and mobile online services - the new ID. Buzz Cargo makes your everyday work easier with the latest technology.

The App-Connect function allows music, audio books or news to be conveniently transferred from your smartphone to the 25.4 cm (10-inch) colour touch display of the infotainment system, with which you can operate numerous functions, such as DAB+ -Radio.

In addition to the optional wireless smartphone charging pad compartment, the new ID. Buzz Cargo offers up to five USB-C ports that can charge additional devices.

Engine and Performance

The Electric Drive: Moving You into the Future

Suitable for everyday use, dynamic and delivered net-carbon-neutral: These are the characteristics of the innovative electric drive in the new ID. Buzz Cargo.

It masters almost all everyday challenges, from private customers as well as commercial customers. The electric motor, which is cleverly housed in the rear, has a maximum output of 150 kW - that’s the equivalent of 204 PS. The battery with 77 kWh net energy content ensures the ID. Buzz Cargo can drive up to 256 miles without going to a charging station. Environmentally conscious, fully-electric and robust - the ID. Buzz sets new standards at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Fast charging, long range and smart charging solutions: The lithium-ion high-voltage battery in the vehicle floor of the ID. Buzz Cargo offers a net energy content of 77 kWh (gross: 82 kWh). You can travel up to 256 miles without recharging.

The maximum charging power for fast charging (DC) is up to 170 kW. At this charging rate, it only takes around 30 minutes to charge the battery from 5% to 80%. To make the charging process even easier, thanks to Plug & Charge you only have to plug in the cable and charging begins. With this technology, your authentication data is stored in the car after its first use. After that, the charging station will automatically recognise who you are. 

This technology has been available in part since 2022 and will be gradually rolled out via an ISO-certified standard so that you can use more and more Plug & Charge charging stations in the future.

Agile and manoeuvrable: The innovative powertrain of the new ID. Buzz is seamlessly integrated into the rear axle. It has a maximum output of 204 PS, which accelerates the electric vehicle from 0 to 62mph in 10.2 seconds and enabled trailer loads of up to 1,000 kg to be easily attached to the optional device.

With maximum torque of 310Nm, available on demand, combined with a low centre of gravity thanks to the battery location in the “sandwich floor”, the ID. Buzz is very agile. A small turning circle of just 11.09 metres, means it can also be easily steered through the narrow inner-city streets.

Connectivity & Technology

Fully Networked

The new ID. Buzz Cargo supports you in your everyday work with a variety of digital features and future-oriented technology.

Software updates increase the functionality of the digital systems of your ID. Buzz Cargo. These can be regularly updated and optimised thanks to over-the-air updates using We Connect. 

There’s no need to visit the workshop with the over-the-air updates, which are sent to and downloaded in the background via the mobile network of your ID. Buzz Cargo.

As soon as an update is available, a message appears in the infotainment system and you are guided through the individual steps to installation. 

While your ID. Buzz Cargo parks – let’s say  overnight - the full installation takes place and you can enjoy updated and improved functions the next time you start it. This lets you stay up to date and benefit from our cutting edge digital development even after you have purchased your ID. Buzz Cargo.

Vehicles can communicate with each other in road traffic and warn each other of local danger spots. Car2X technology expands the range of a vehicle’s sensors many times over by including information from other road and infrastructure users to assess the current overall situation. Smart software and electronics increase safety to a new level. An example of this is the “Local Warnings” service. The ID. models communicate with each other in a range of 800 metres within milliseconds. Thanks to their numerous sensors, the electric vehicles quickly detect potential hazards – and automatically warn other road users in the vicinity via a Wi-Fi radio signal. 

The ID. Buzz Cargo is ready today for the mobility of tomorrow. For the first time in a commercial vehicle from Volkswagen,  smart assistance systems range from automatic parking, local warning and hazard messages (Car2X), and the latest version of the optional Travel Assist with swarm data. This system can help to keep you in lane, maintain the distance to the vehicle in front and the maximum speed you have set. The Travel Assist adapts to your driving style and can also adjust your driving position further to the left or further to the right in your own lane8 instead of being exactly in the middle.

In addition, Travel Assist actively supports you with swarm data on the motorway when changing lanes If swarm data is available, the Travel Assist only has to rely on one recognised lane boundary to stay in lane, for example on country roads without lane markings in the middle. In addition, the Travel Assist has predictive cruise control and cornering assistance. The vehicle speed can be adjusted to the applicable speed limits and the course of the road (curves, roundabouts, etc.). 

The optional ‘IQ. Light’ LED matrix headlights matrix headlights also act with foresight. In combination with the optional Light Assist, they automatically fade up and down when driving at night before other road users are dazzled. Innovative and fully connected, the ID. Buzz Cargo will get you to your destination more comfortably.

Volkswagen ID. Buzz Voted MPV of the Year at Top Gear Awards 2022

  • All-electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz named Multi-Purpose Vehicle of the Year at Top Gear Awards 2022

Praising the ID. Buzz in particular for its impressive spaciousness and clever storage configurations, the judges also highlighted the vehicle’s futuristic interior and innovative technology.

Thanks to Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform, there is no compromise on space or versatility. With foldable passenger seats and ample load space, the ID. Buzz was deemed the ultimate family-friendly car, suitable for the challenges of everyday life.

Volkswagen’s first purpose-built electric van was additionally praised for its ability to make the switch to e-mobility more attractive by outperforming its competitors on driving fun while harking back to the manufacturer’s iconic classic camper. That said, the fully-connected infotainment systems and forward-thinking powertrain work to showcase the ID. Buzz’s innovation and futuristic technology.

Ollie Marriage, Head of Car Testing at Top Gear, said: “The ID. Buzz is a game-changer. Nothing feels as bright, modern, and exciting to be in. No SUV is anything like as spacious or family-friendly. No electric car is more desirable. No MPV has ever had the world at its feet. Until now.

Head of National Sales at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Rob Holdcroft, said: “We are delighted the ID. Buzz has been voted MPV of the Year 2022 by Top Gear, and recognised as a unique and exciting offering. We’ve been amazed by the amount of attention the vehicle has received since its launch, and hearing high praise such as this really is testament to the remarkable work of our entire team.”

To hear what the judges had to say about the ID. Buzz, the full video of the awards can be watched here.

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ID. Buzz Cargo Commerce


- App-Connect incl. App-Connect Wireless for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
- Car2X - intelligent vehicle networking
- Cruise control system with speed limiter and Intelligent Speed Assist
- Heated drivers seat
- "Ready 2 Discover" radio

ID. Buzz Cargo Commerce Plus


- Adaptive Cruise Control ACC stop & go with speed limiter
- App-Connect incl. App-Connect Wireless for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
- 'Discover Pro' navigation system with 10" screen
- Heated windscreen
- Intelligent Park Assist
- Rear view camera