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Approved Used Vehicle Warranty

We've Got You Covered

You need every part of your business to perform perfectly, and that includes your vehicles. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Warranty for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

If the used vehicle you buy is less than three years old, you will receive 12 months’ Warranty. If it’s three to six years old, your Warranty will last for six months. And if your vehicle’s less than two years old, it will include what’s left of the original Factory Warranty, which covers your vehicle until it reaches 100,000 miles or three years in age. Vehicles over 6 years old or that have done over 100,000 miles are not eligible.

Our Warranty offers cover for parts and labour, in respect of repair or replacement of covered components, up to the current market value of your vehicle. For full details of cover, please click the link below.

And We'll Keep You on the Road

We know that your business needs every vehicle on the road every day. While your Approved Used van is under warranty, you’ll also have 24/7 Roadside Assistance – so if anything does go wrong, help is always at hand.

Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Roadside Assistance also offers onward travel, which could be (depending on your situation) a replacement vehicle, overnight accommodation, alternative travel, or load continuation.


Vehicle Age Warranty as Standard Roadside Assistance
Vehicle 0-2 years old Balance of Manufacturer  Balance of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Roadside Assistance
Vehicle 2-3 years old

12 months' Warranty comprising of the remaining balance of Manufacturer Warranty plus a top-up of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Approved Used Warranty (if applicable)

12 months' Roadside Assistance comprising of the balance of Volkswagen Roadside Assistance plus a top-up included within Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Approved Used Warranty (if applicable)
Vehicle 3-5 years old 6 months' Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Approved Used Warranty  6 months' Volkswagen Commercial Vehicle Roadside Assistance