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130 Years experience between some of our oldest, longest standing Night Techs at Greenhous DAF Wolverhampton

Hear from a few of them here:
Dave Burgess:
' I started work in 1977 at Midland DAF trucks until April 1991 when I joined Greenhous, I have worked nights for over 40 years now and I'm known to have the largest tool collection of all other technicians within the dealership!'
Marc Bodin:
'I joined Greenhous in April 1988 and was one of the founding members of the nightshift, I became the nightshift foreman in 2006 and have been running the nights with the assistance of Robert Lowe, the reception supervisor liaising with customer and technicians.'
Kelvin Mace:
'I joined Greenhous in 1990 and retired in October 2023 after 33 years, however, I missed being hands on and returned to Greenhous on the 5th February 2024 after a 5 month mini retirement.'
Robert Lowe:
'I started Greenhous in June 1996, starting as a workshop controller/service advisor on days. I then progressed to the nightshift in a bespoke role that was created due to the demands of the business. I like to always have a target, so I always keep up to date with the products through DAF's Training Program.'
Martin Hill, Service Director, commented:
'It is great to see such an established nightshift with 4 of the team having 130 years of experience between them, Marc Bodin was one of the original team that started the nightshift and is now influential in the running of the nightshift having the role of nightshift foreman, the nightshift has grown considerably since it started so Marc and the team are now also supported by Bob Lowe , who took the leap onto nights in a unique role that was created which we do not see at other locations being a dedicated workshop controller and administrator for nights. Marc and Bob compliment each other running the nights between them and liaising with customer on a nightly basis. It is great to see so much experience and the positive impact this has on the day to day operation with the benefits of years of experience and commitment to Greenhous and also DAF.'

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