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Efficiency Champions New Generation DAF's

DAF have launched, through their dealer network, a number of Tractor units aimed at “Efficiency of the future” Greenhous have just taken delivery of theirs!
Introducing the Efficiency Champions New Generation DAF's. Exceptionally fuel efficient, these outstanding vehicles offer very low VECTO scores and set a new benchmark in transport efficiency.
Some of the key points that make these trucks great are:
- Award-winning Performance
DAF introduces a special edition achieving the highest possible fuel efficiency and lowest VECTO scores. The new series especially appeal to operators looking for more favourable Toll rates and the lowest possible TCO.
- Efficiency, Safety and Comfort
New Generation DAF Trucks have an elongated front for optimal aerodynamics. This sets a new benchmark for fuel efficiency and created the most spacious and luxurious cab in the industry. The efficiency champions also feature an unrivalled direct and indirect view and they have all the required Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on board, guaranteeing the highest safety for the driver and other road users.
- New Engine Software
The new software guarantees the lowest possible fuel consumption, reducing total cost of ownership. It ensures a quiet and balanced running engine and is ready for future additions to DAF’s online fleet management platform.
- Fuel Efficiency Features
DAF Digital Vision System – Cameras instead of Mirrors to reduce drag.
Full aerodynamics package – Roof spoiler, side collars and special aerodynamic bottom plate to optimise air flow under the Truck
Fuel Efficient Tyres with low rolling resistance
Predictive Cruise Control, the powerful PACCAR MX engine brake, together with extremely low weight and advanced onboard systems, such as Adaptive Cruise Control, the Efficiency Champions set a new standard in transport efficiency
- Lower CO2 Emissions
Precise engine management and exceptional aerodynamics keep CO2 emissions extremely low, giving them the industry’s lowest VECTO scores, resulting in reduced toll charges for vehicles with a conventional powertrain. Saving as much as 1.6 cents per kilometre for German Maut rates. What’s more the Efficiency champions can be categorised as CO2 Class lll for up to 6 years!
Discover more! Contact Greenhous DAF for more information.

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