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Help For Ukraine

Andy Crawford, Commercial Parts Person, for Greenhous Wolverhampton received an email from his sons school seeking help for our European friends so badly affected by the invasion of Ukraine.
His sons school acted as a collection point for this much needed cause. Greenhous have contributed £200, as well as this the Admin team at Greenhous Wolverhampton contributed £10 each raising £160.00 in order to purchase supplies that so desperately needed to be donated. Items such as the following were amongst the donation:
- Clothes
- Shoes
- Bedding
- Towels
- Sleeping Bags
- Sanitary Products
- Nappies
- Toothbrushes
- Toothpaste
- Soap
The rest of the departments are also continuing to donate items to Oakland International, who will guarantee that it gets to where it needs to be.
If you would like to help, there are lots of donation pages available such as if you search 'Help for the Ukraine'

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