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John Turley Steps Up

An Announcement from John Turley
My first job at Greenhous was 20 years ago, starting on a temporary 12-week contract. I had very little work experience at that point, but the people I worked with kept telling me that Greenhous was a good place to work, and I would do well to secure a full-time position here. I’m glad I listened to them!
I have worked in lots of different roles in the company - selling and managing our maintenance contracts, coordinating our company Marketing, Truck Sales, Service Director, Sales Director, and Dealer Principal at our Shrewsbury dealership. Working in different departments has given me a great understanding of our business, our customers, and our partners at DAF Trucks.
My proudest moment has been when DAF Trucks presented us with their ‘UK Dealer of the Year’ award earlier this year; I was delighted to collect it on behalf of all our staff who work hard every day to make us successful.
I am so pleased to be leading the business now. Greenhous are a great employer, really focused on the people who work in the business to deliver the customer service day-in, day-out. We work hard to forge trusting partnerships with our loyal customers, and provide them with the highest levels of service every day. My new role is to continue this good work, and always find new ways to improve the business for the good of our people and our customers.

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