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Mike Seeley | 25 Years Service at Greenhous DAF

Mike started at Greenhous in August 1997 as a Service Reception Manager, and during his time at Greenhous Mike has succeeded in many roles and is now Regional Operations Manager for Birmingham and Tamworth at the time of his 25-year milestone.
“Greenhous is an incredible company to work for – they make you feel part of the team and not just a number from the moment you join. I like the feel of Greenhous, it’s a very warm, people’s company and I enjoy the people I work with.
One of the highlights of my job is being a “fixer”, I have recently qualified in Mental Health First Aid. However, even before this Greenhous’ ethos is to look after their staff and to be a person that my staff/colleagues/friends come to to help fix their problems, whether that be work or personal, is a great feeling.
Another great part of my job role is that I am able to give the younger generation opportunities to start their futures, by offering them apprenticeships. There have been people I offered an apprenticeship in the workshop to that are now managers within Greenhous – that makes me very proud!
My only regret is that I didn’t join Greenhous earlier – but I think it was my knowledge gained from previous jobs that enabled me to be in a position to join Greenhous as a Manager."
John Turley, Director General Manager of Greenhous DAF added “Greenhous are proud to have so many colleagues celebrating 25 year's service with the company. Mike has dealt with a large proportion of our staff and customers over the years, and they would all agree that he has not only a great technical knowledge of trucks and the industry, but also a nice way of dealing with people. Mike always gives people his time, and the experience he has gained means he has no problem tackling any kind of problem and resolving it. The company are extremely grateful for Mike’s dedicated service, and we hope to continue working with Mike for many years to come”.

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