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Nissan Qashqai scores highly in Euro NCAP's Assisted Driving assessment

In its latest assessment of Assisted Driving systems, Euro NCAP has ranked the ProPilot with Navi-Link system fitted to the Nissan Qashqai as “very good”, the highest possible rating. This follows the Qashqai being classified as Best In Class award for the Qashqai in the small off-road category by Euro NCAP in January.

The Assisted Driving assessment is divided into two areas, covering “assistance competence” and “safety backup”.

74% score for assistance competence

Qashqai achieved a score of 74% on the overall assistance competence, with 20 points out of a possible 25 for the clarity of the information available to consumers on the ProPilot with Navi-Link system, while the visibility of the system status scored 20.9 points out of 25.

A maximum of 25 points was awarded in the driving collaboration category, where the system is assessed for how it responds when the driver needs to intervene to avoid an obstacle, for example.

On the performance of the adaptive cruise control feature within ProPilot with Navi-Link system, it successfully dealt with scenarios on the road where the Qashqai approached a slower moving car, a car cutting in front and a car suddenly moving out of the lane in front to reveal another car in front. Recognition was also given for the fact that assistance remains active once the car has come to full stop.

Of a maximum 35 points, 30 were achieved in the steering assistance category for successfully steering the car through an “S”-bend at up to 62 mph.

93% in Safety Backup

The ProPilot with Navi-Link system achieved a maximum 25 point score in the category of system failure, where a blocked sensor could compromise the system performance. The ProPilot with Navi-Link was found to have given timely warnings, allowing the driver to know that the system wouldn’t be able to offer the full level of assistance.

To prevent the driver from being tempted to rely too heavily on the driver assistance system and take their attention away from the road, the ProPilot with Navi-Link system constantly monitors that the driver has at least a hand on the wheel. And if no hands are detected, a visual and aural warning is activated. If the driver’s hands remain off the wheel, the car will initiate a deceleration and, ultimately, full stop of the vehicle. The ProPilot with Navi-Link on the Qashqai achieved 20 points of a potential 25 for this operation of this feature.

Within the suite of assessments for collision avoidance, Euro NCAP awarded 48.4 points out of a possible 50. In this category, the tests assess how the Qashqai equipped with ProPilot with Navi-Link performs in avoiding a collision when approaching a stationary car on a bend, approaching a braking car, approaching a slower moving car, a car pulling into the lane just in front and a car in front changing lane to reveal another car in front.

Developed for peace of mind

The Nissan Qashqai features a first innovation for Nissan in Europe with the inclusion of a head-up display, allowing the driver to monitor their speed, navigation directions and the prevailing speed limit without taking their eyes from their road.

The fitment of intelligent headlights, which adjust the shape of the beam to prevent oncoming drivers being dazzled, is another example of innovative technology on Qashqai which enhances safety.

The model also features Blind Spot Intervention which senses when another vehicle has not been seen by the driver in a neighbouring lane and will actively steer the Qashqai back into lane and away from the danger. Rear Cross Traffic Alert also prevents collisions when reversing out of parking spaces.

This ranking continues to emphasize Qashqai’s focus on advanced safety. Earlier this year, Qashqai was awarded the What Car? Safety Award, an excellent recognition of its segment leading active safety technologies.

David Moss, Senior Vice President, Regional Research & Development, Nissan Technical Centre Europe, said: “We’re delighted that the many integrated features of Nissan’s advanced Pro-Pilot with Navi-Link system have been comprehensively assessed by Euro NCAP. The ranking of Very Good reflects our objective of developing technology which is supportive, intuitive and effective in reducing the stress and risk of daily driving.”

He added: “In developing the Qashqai, we adopted an approach to consider how technology can better support the driver in situations where there is a high driver workload. The intervention comes in stages, with the first step being information, then a warning and finally intervention, in case the driver does not take a corrective action”.

The Nissan Qashqai range will soon be expanded with the addition of Nissan’s unique e-Power electrified powertrain, offering efficient, engaging and refined performance.

Euro NCAP has been independently testing cars since 1997, measuring most of the new models which go on sale against its constantly-evolving criteria. In addition to testing the actual physical strength of the cars in various simulated collisions, the organisation also tests and scores accident prevention technology.

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